General Price Guide as of 01st March 2024

Medicare Item No: Appointment Type Out-of-Pocket Fee Medicare Rebate Practice Fee
Monday – Friday (8am – 8pm) and Saturdays (9am – 1pm)
3 Level A (Brief Consult Less than 6 mins) $10 $18.95 $28.95
23 Level B (Standard Consult 6-19 mins) $15 $41.40 $56.40
36 Level C (Long Consult 20-39 mins) $30 $80.10 $110.10
44 Level D (Prolonged Consult 40-59 mins) $50 $118 $168.00
  123 Level E (Prolonged Consult > 60 mins) $60 $191.20 $251.20
After Hours – Monday – Friday (8pm-10pm) and Saturdays (1pm-3pm)
5000 Level A (Brief Consult Less than 6 mins) $10 $31.90 $41.90
5020 Level B (Standard Consult 6-19 mins) $15 $53.90 $68.90
5040 Level C (Long Consult 20-39 mins) $30 $92.45 $122.45
5060 Level D (Prolonged Consult 40-59 mins) $50 $129.65 $179.65
5071 Level E (Prolonged Consult > 60 mins) $60 $220.25 $280.65
  Telephone Consults      
91890 Telephone Consults (< than 6 mins) $10 $18.95 $28.95
91891 Telephone Consults (> than 6 mins) $10 $41.40 $51.40
Telephone (Brief – NOT Medicare rebatable) $30 NIL $30
Telephone (Standard – NOT Medicare rebatable) $51.40 NIL $51.40
Certain Procedures and Other Services
36 Iron Infusion ($125.10 plus $30 = $ 155.10) $75 $80.10 $155.10
35503 Mirena (Insertion of IUD) $200 $75.05 $275.05
11707 ECG Tracing $25    $17.25 $42.25
Commercial Driver’s License Medical $110 NIL $110



Mansfield Family Practice takes pride in delivering high-quality medical care. Unfortunately, the Medicare rebate only covers a small portion of these costs. Community General Practice is not subsidized by State or Federal Governments, unlike the hospital system, and are locally owned small businesses. Over the years, the Federal Government have frozen your Medicare rebates or only increased it marginally, while the costs of running our practices have continued to increase, like most households, businesses, and industries in our economy.

We will continue to Bulk Bill

  • Children 15 years and under, pensioners, Concession and DVA Gold card holders except Saturdays and After 6pm weekdays.
  • Covid
  • Mental Health Care Plans and reviews
  • Chronic Disease Management Plans & Team Care arrangements and reviews
  • Health
  • Procedures including excisions.

Practice Fee Payments

We will be able to process your refund through Medicare at the time of your visit. Out of pocket payment in full is required on the day of service. The practice offers a variety of payment methods, Cash, Credit Card, or EFTPOS. Account Keeping fees apply if not paid at the time consult.

Cancellation/No show Fee

$50.00 non-attendance fee applies for all GP appointments not cancelled within 2 hours of the appointment time and will need to be paid prior to any future appointments. Different non-attendance fees apply for Allied Health. Please refer the fee table for more details.

Medical Reports, Pre-Employment Medicals and CTP Forms

Please note that Pre-Employment medicals, completing medical reports and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance forms require appointments and will be privately billed. (Except Centrelink Forms)

Worker’s Compensation Consultations

QLD Work Cover – Workers’ compensation consultations will be privately billed until the claim is approved by QLD Workcover. Once the claim number is provided, then the practice will directly bill to Workcover. Private Worker’s Insurance Other than QLD Workcover will be privately billed.

Newborn Babies with NO Medicare

Billing for consultations of newborn babies who are eligible for Medicare will be held for a period of one month from the date of 1st consult at the practice.